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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fooling Around with 3-D

Remember one of my New Year's Resolutions was to do more 3-D stuff?  Well, I started some folding of some Organza and made a star.  I like working with the see-through, but want a different fabric next time.  Maybe Organdy.  Then, I thought, what should the star go on?  Blue of course.  I had been making some leaders and enders all blue sixteen-patches from 1.5" squares that I had allocated to another quilt.  But, you know, I'm likely to change my mind by the time I get 180+ sixteen patches done at 5 or 6 a day.  So, I confiscated those (besides, I have scads of blue) and put them together for a background.  Added some color and tadaaah!   I REALLY like it. 

The star, for now, is just laid on there.  I'm still playing with it.  DH says he thinks it should be horizontal so that the yellow line represents land and the narrow blue is water.  Very cute that way, too.

I had so much fun and like the final outcome so much that I decided to make a sailboat on a rough sea using the same blue blocks, but sewing them folded and wavy.  I need to add the sky, stitch white on the tops of the waves and add the boat.  But, here's the sea.  It was so FUN to make!  The black vertical basting will come out once I get it quilted.

I'll probably work more on it during the Friday Night Sew-in (<-- Button at side).  It'll be my first time with that group and I'm waaaaay excited!  Check it out for some fun!!!  Heidi is a very friendly person and it's great that she's spearheading this monthy online sewing retreat.

And good news!  I have my wrist scheduled for its first consultation with the specialist at the beginning of February.  YAY!!!  My doctor told me that if things go right, the specialist may just operate that very day.  How wonderful it will be to finally be able to sew or type without pain!  Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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SubeeSews said...

The black parts look like submarines to me in a wavy ocean.
Did you get my e-mail reply to you about reading your books? YES YES YES

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