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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hockey Night in Canada

Tonight is Hockey Night.  Every Saturday night, we always watch hockey and eat Vince's special homemade pizza.  He even makes the dough from scratch.  I gotta tell ya', I've eaten a lot of pizzas in my life and there are quite a few wonderful ones out there.  Vince's is one of them.

Then I pick up a project to keep me awake during the game.  I have to be picky here.  Some projects just aren't stimulating enough to keep these peepers open.  Anyway, lately I've been thinking a lot about a Liberated Mizz Jane (Dear Jane) quilt.  I haven't had any success finding one on the web, so I put it out there to my cronies in my yahoo group, and none of them have seen one either.

I thought, what a perfect project for in front of the game!  I'm already doing the DJ blocks, but that's sporadically.  I think the reason for that is I'm really a liberated gal at heart.  I can't play nice all the time.  So, I tried A-1 in the liberated style.  Let me warn you, this is not the block to try it on.  It came out sooooo disjointed that I scrapped it and am starting over.  LOL, by the time I get settled how I want to do this, I'll probably have so many A-1s that I can make a whole quilt of them!  Well, a babydoll quilt anyway.

The first attempt at A-1 was skewing of the HSTs and changing the block sizes and angles.  It looked like a ticker-tape parade when I was done.  This next one, I'll make a bit like the Wonky Stars, I think, with a couple of the pinwheel arms bigger than the other two (and one smaller).  I'll also take the outer ring of HSTs and simplify them into 4 "pennents" instead of 8 triangles.  We'll see how that one looks.

Tomorrow I'll post more pics, including the failure.

I'm gearing up for the retreat the Lib Quilters group is having Monday and Tuesday.  I think just one more day of sewing binding and shams and I'll be able to call it done.  I hope my wrist will let it happen. 

Oh, and on that, the doctor postponed the appointment for another month.  Can we just say I'm a little frustrated about that?  I used to run a horse stable:  buck bales, throw feed, break horses, etc....  Now I can't even do anything.  I'm not whining or complaining, I'm just ...  Okay, maybe I am whining a bit.  Never mind.  Michele, if you're reading this, I sympathize completely with your plight!

Where was I?  Oh yeah!  The retreat.  Well, hopefully I'll have Karen's all DONE.  I'll make a nice-nice pic of that for y'all.  I'm hoping to work on the borders for my Prairie Children quilt.  I want to make trees in the layered waves fashion, crosscut.  You'll see.

Then, there's another Friday Night Sew-in February 19th.  Excited about that, too.

Come back and see pics tomorrow.



Clare said...

Oh shucks about the appointment.

Yup - looking forward to tomorrow and Tuesday!

What's the one on the 19th?

Joanne said...

The pizza looks great!
Sorry about your wrist. You sure are managing to get a lot accomplished. Have fun at your retreat.

Thanks for Visiting! Come Back Soon!

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