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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well, as I promised, here's photos of the Liberated Mizz Jane A-1.  I feel that the A-1 block is somewhat disjointed, so for this first attempt I pulled it apart and skewed everything more.  I also hand sewed this, wich is sooooo wrong for this type of block, as you can see.

It isn't really all that bad, but isn't classy.  Jane, liberated or not, is above all classy. 

Next, I decided the true meaning of "Liberated" is to simplify.  So, this is the next attempt and most likely the one I'll stay with.  However, I drew out four more variations, so you'll be seeing those, too.

This is we have the progression of "No!" "Yes!" and "Correct!"

I also finished the A-3 block. 

And now off to (hopefully) finish the binding and shams on Karen's quilt.


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Shasta said...

I like your liberated DJ. Looks like you used fewer pieces as well.

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