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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why I can't quilt

These are my boys.  This is my cutting table.  My little quiltdom is at the top of my stairs in a little cubbyhole/loft area.  No door.  This is the usual.  'nuff said?

Actually, I should title this "Why I can't get much of anything done".  These boys follow me everywhere, get into anything I set down, attack anything that moves, make everything move (hence, to attack), and talk to me all the time.

Jake, the one facing the camera, is the vocal one.  He "humphs", moans, meows, groans, and tries all manner of communication.  I feel that he is sure he'll be able to speak human as soon as he gets rid of his two extra legs and learns to walk upright like the rest of the humans do.

Elwood (yes, they're named after the Blues Brothers) is also a little vocal.  He's a very big boy.  When he pounces on part of you, you just plain don't move.  He's also a scaredy cat a little bit.  He panics at times and rips to shreds whatever he's on.  Therefore, there are plenty of lap blankets around the house.

I love my boys, I truly do.  They, along with their daddy (my DH - they look just like him), are the center of my life.

Small photo of what it was doing outside today.  It looks grainy, but it's blowing snow that makes it look that way.


SewCalGal said...

LOL. Your boys want to help. I'm just wondering how you can put them to work. Hymm. they seem to be good at keeping fabric & quilts warm! Would a quilted cat bed help? Quilted catnip toys?


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

oh what cutie pies!

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