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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Some of you will know what A-1 means and others won't.  Since there's only three followers (I'm one - why do I have to follow my own blog?!?), I figure there won't be much guessing.  However, other people may stop by on their merry way.  So there it is then. 

It will be all hand-sewn.  I need something to do to keep me awake during Hockey.  I like Hockey, really I do, but it's just all those circles ... like hypnotism or something.  Anyway, 5 minutes and I'm out like a light unless I have something to do.  I figure I have four years to devote to this project I've started.  Then DH retires and we'll be doing something else, somewhere else.  And I'll probably start a new project then.

The great thing about this project is that all the blocks are different (yes, that's a clue), and small.  Hence, immediate gratification.

I joined a yahoo group that my mother belongs to.  (<--good english!!!)  She's a quilter, too.  So both of us will be in the same group.  Scary thought, that.

Here's my current progress on Bonnie's mystery.  I think the pinks get swallowed by the background a bit, but I've had plenty of nice comments on it, so we'll see.

Still struggling along with the next novel.  The Breathe group will be reading 8 pm New Years Eve at the Mark and Emily Turner Library in Presque Isle, Maine.  Stop by and visit if you're in the area.  Support your local writers!!! 



Anya said...

A-1 is the start of a Jane Stickle quilt...have fun!

Marj said...

Good luck with your Jane Stickle quilt, I haven't decided to start one yet but have been thinking about it.

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