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Thursday, December 10, 2009

And what to my wondering eyes should appear

So, this is Karen's quilt coming together.  I actually have all the blocks done and will be making panels and quilting them today.  Because of my wrist, I can't handle too much fabric while quilting.  This two foot width seems to work okay.  Then I sew another top panel and back panel on, add the corresponding batting and quilt it.  This is the way I've done it for a couple quilts now and it seems to work well for me.  This one will be quilted in 4 panels.  Blue border.  I hope to be done by Sunday night so I can work all day Monday on the pillow shams and ship it out Tuesday.  We'll see if my wrist has the stamina.

This quilt has been a trial for me.  Trying to match points, for me, is like a band keeping time with the singer instead of the drummer.  I'll be glad to get back to the liberated stuff.  I love my Liberated Yahoo group!

As for Bonnie's mystery, it's had to take a back seat to this one, just leaders and enders for it.  I'm not exactly happy with it anyway.  I think adding in other backgrounds made the colors (pale pinks and blues) get lost in all the busy-ness.  We'll see.  It can always be a charity quilt and I can remake it. 

On another front, I checked my publishing contract for Under Twin Suns and it says nothing about further books in the series.  Nothing at all.  I'll double check it a few more times (in different frames of mind, so looking at it differently), but I think I may send Spinning the Tides to other publishers, since it's looking more and more that the current publisher is going under.  Also Fantastic Fudge Fiasco.  I'm tired of getting nowhere.  You know?  I think that, more than anything, is what's been bugging me so much and making me hide out.  It can be ... discouraging.  But, that would by why I'm taking steps to change it.  Right?


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Fabulous journey predicted here! Will be fun to see how it all ends up!

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