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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mystery, Part 1 and End Coming

Finished part 1 of my Carolina Christmas mystery. Love it!  Bonnie makes her mysteries soooo fun and soooo easy.  She's clear and succinct and fun to read.  I worry sometimes that our little (1200+) chat group might wear on her a bit.  She receives tons of emails with mostly the same questions and panics.  LOL, I think some of the members of the group almost came to scratching each other a few days ago.

Worked on another of my quilts yesterday, too.  It's a black Roman Stripe Pinwheel thing in Amish colors.  I call it "Going Blind".  Very wild.  Anyway, as I was stippling a few days ago I discoverd I had sewn a fold into the backing.  I thought, no big deal since it's my first time stippling and the front still looks good.  I consider it a learning quilt.

Folks, don't do that.  What a mess that little fold became!  As I got further along in the quilt (thankfully it was only an end) I discovered that one little fold made another fold later on, and another and another.  Then, a huge bulge appeared in the front.  I mean U  G  L  Y!!!!!  And not just one either, several.  So, here I am, a few days later with a renewed courage, ripping out that whole end all the way back to that single fold.  Lesson way learned.  Honest.

I've been taking a vacation from my life (and writing) lately.  Pretty much most of the summer until now.  Every time I think I get stirred up and decide to do something, I get slapped in the face by a huge problem and retire back to my vacation again.  I feel a nudge tho.  There's only so long I can stand not being part of my world, so one of these times I stick my head out to see what's what, I'm gonna actually get up and swing back when a problem tries me.  Till then, I'll play in my sandbox.

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