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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thread Head Mini Quilt

Every day, I rush home from work and to my machine where I make what Joanne has posted for the next tiny block in her Mini Quilt Mystery.  I decided to keep my blocks mostly monochromatic, but different colors for each.  Some are high contrast, but some are low.  You’ve seen the flying geese I posted from the first day.


This is Day 2: an Ohio Star


Day 3: Two Nine-Patches


Day 4: a Basket (my first basket, ever)


Day 5: a Churn Dash


And today, Day 6:  4 Four-Patches


And here they are, all together


Such a happy little bunch. I made these from charm squares my mother sent me.  These little blocks are around 3 inches each and they make me smile.

Find what makes you smile.



Joanne said...

They all look lovely!

Raewyn said...

Your blocks make me smile too, Wendy and mine are making me smile!! Just loving have a simple little project to work on :-)I've tried arranging them all but cant quite get them to make sense (mind you ,I haven't done today's ones yet.)

Joan said...

They look so wonderful - and yes - they make me smile too. I wish I was as productive as your lot :) My studio is tidy though...and that makes everyone here smile .. can start sewing agin ...

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