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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Been sick since Monday, though in truth, I felt it coming on Sunday evening.  I just have no energy and moving around only brings on nausea.  I pick up quiet project (hand sewing, writing, editing) to do, but then set them beside me and ignore them while I just sit and stare at the world going by without me.  What a great way to spend a vacation (Monday and Tuesday)! Been out of work since.

Okay.  My pity party is over. 

I'm just sayin' I'll talk at ya when I get better and get goin' again.  Til then, here's something to occupy you and make your day sparkle.  I know it does mine.



Helen said...

lol - very cute!

Re the "bug" = yup - it's making the rounds. Personally I thought it was just me feeling nauseous, exhausted, etc. Glad to find out it wasn't my imagination. Sad to hear it visited you however!

Get well soonest! I love ya!

Joan said...

Feel well again soon Wendy - healing thoughts for you a-pleanty :)

Peggy said...

Feel well soon - I guess it's a bug going around, because that's the way I've felt mostly. Prayers!

Joanne said...

That's terrible, I hope you are feeling better.

Thanks for Visiting! Come Back Soon!

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