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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Well, my wrist is much better, thank you.  After ignoring my sewing for a couple weeks, I find I'm at an almost fever pitch frenzy to sew again, now that I can.  I quilt, I piece, I hand sew.  Then, the  next day, I do it again.  For three days now.  LOVE IT.  I’m careful to not over do it with my wrist again (although, I admit it doesn’t sound like it).  A good part of this last injury was because of my job and the pricing gun.  Starting a new position Monday and I won’t have the gun as much.  Yay!!
Anyway, I’ve just been piecing odd blocks that I’ve had lying around.  Just putting already cut out pieces together into a shape.  They’ll go into something someday.  I’ve been hand sewing my “Hop to It” BOM and am almost done with last month’s.  This next month is block 9.  A very pretty block.
And I’ve been quilting flowers on my Mom’s quilt.
Speaking of flowers, my peonies are finally in bloom:
I’m just curious.  What’s the largest feather wreath you’ve sewn?  Mine are 14 inches, tip to tip.

Happy Canada Day and Fourth of July, y'all!



Joan said...

Quilting looks lovely WEndy - good to hear you are again sewing...good therapy. Largest wreath I have sewn is 12" 14" is a great effort :) Hope you had a happy Canada day :) I have yet to start my Hop to it blocks - problem resizing it at present.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Gorgeous and fun, fun! Good reason for 'arms control'..yours, and the pricing gun!!!!

Love your quilting!

Helen said...

Wendy - the flowers are fantastic!!! I am so excited to see the quilt I can hardly wait!!!! You are truly gifted, my dear!

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