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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Parts Swap

I  received a package from Heidi in Germany.  What fun blocks!!  And even a bar of Swiss chocolate.  It was wonderful to taste that again.  Thanx Heidi!

I've gotten my Mom's quilt sandwiched.  I had to lay it on the dining room table, no wall was big enough.  I'll be working on this daily during the 2 week FMQ Challenge.  I also made some small samples of the same fabric to warm up with.  SOOOOO looking forward to this!  And so looking forward to giving the Ricky Tims book to a lucky winner!  Joanne over at ThreadHead is also giving something away, so get signed up.  The challenge begins Good Friday.  All you have to do is free motion quilt every day and post about it for two weeks.  That's it, that's all.  How tough is that?

UPDATE:  We're going to hold this over a three week period to give people a little leeway.  The rule to this is that you MUST FMQ for two consecutive weeks anytime throughout this period.  Remember, that's 14 consecutive days.  Make sure to plan your time so that you don't run out of days at end (May 13th is the last day).

I've been thinking, would those of you partaking in the challenge like a separate blog to post messages and pics in?

I'm still at work on Champagne Sunday, my hand-quilting project.  Working on a border now.

Been writing and working other than that.



Joan said...

Separate blog sound interesting ...whever you think is good by me. Still preparing things for the 2 weeks ...

Helen said...

Wendy - I'm so excited re my quilt!!!! Can hardly wait to see it!

Thanks for Visiting! Come Back Soon!

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