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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Changing Face of Brown

I decided I wanted a decidedly softer look to my brown.  This, after all, is to be a kitchen table centerpiece.  I tucked the dark brown border behind so as to simulate a dark brown binding instead.  I'll have a total of 5 or 7 flowers, but here's two for now.   Don't mind the yellow dots, they're the heads of my pins.  Is this better or worse than the version in the last post?

How about flowers with the wide border?  I think I like that one best.  What about you?

And now, some exciting snow pictures after our latest 2 ft. dump.  Snow like this is common for us during the winter.  What's uncommon is that all this has come in the last 4 or so weeks.  Usually this much accumulates for the whole winter.  This first is titled "Diggin Out".

And this one is titled "5 Cars".  Do you see them all?

Happy digging!



Joan said...

I like the first small quilt...and my gosh - those photos it looks so cold there!

Helen said...

Wow - that does change the whole look doesn't it! Honestly - I am absolutely NO help at all! I like both ways. Maybe the first one a bit better - but only becase the wide dark brown border tends to draw the eye away from the center - and the light flowers draw the eye back to the center - so with the second one - you have a kind of war going on. The first one reflects the lighter flowers and the mood.

I do think though that if you were not doing the light flowers that I would prefer the second one because in some ways it is the more assertive of the two.

Just my 2c worth

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