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Thursday, February 17, 2011

UFO finished

My quilt for the UFO Challenge (#10) is finished.  It was a small thing and pretty easy to make.  It wasn't really a UFO, more of a PIP (project in planning).  But, anyway, it's done.  I can't show it ... yet.  It's a gift.  Give it a couple days so he can pick it up and then I'll post the pic. 

Now on to the Monochromatic Challenge.  I've decided not to do a strict wholecloth, but rather do something similar (and much smaller) to Ricky Timms's Rhapsody Quilts.  It'll be violet colors on a cream background.

As for the poor little black pinwheel quilt I finished last week, I washed it again.  Once again it was full of black pics from the wool migrating through.  No, I'm not going to do any background quilting on it.  I'm not going to put any more work into it.  I'm just quietly folding it up and donating it to a charity cause.  Mourning it.

The temperature is actually over freezing!!!  This weekend it's supposed to rain.  Yay!!!!  Wash some of the brown muddy snow away before more white comes!



Joanne said...

Too bad about the wool migrating through!! Wool is usually such a fantastic batting, it is a shame to have all your hard work result in something that you can't enjoy.
Great photo!♥

Joan said...

Sorry to hear of your problems with the wool. Look forward to seeing what you have made as a gift :) I LOVE that photo - did you take it?? and where is it?

Helen said...

oh no! Wendy - am sorry to hear about the wool migrating through! I know you must be just sick about it. Sending hugs!

Also - like Joan - I love that photo! I have some falls near me - though not anywhere near as majestic as yours! But they do look so neat in winter with the water frozen in falling.

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