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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Nothing better than homemade bread, is there?  

I made some Challah (Jewish egg bread) to go with my Italian Toscana soup.  Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!

Not to be outdone, Vince then fixed his famous pizza.

The Christmas Market went okay.  Here's my partner in crime, Deb, with our shared booth.  She had candles and melties.

 And, the contractors are done with our bathroom.  At least with their part.  The finishing is all us.  Look at the size of the tub.  Isn't that a beauty?

Snowing outside (again).  Keep warm!



Michele Bilyeu said...

Yum! Pass me a bowl and a big slice of that bread. Perfect for a cold winter's day! All of your projects look wonderful..but my goodness woman...how are you going to get any more done with a fabulous bath tub like that! Hand sewing with non-bleeding fabrics????

Joanne said...

Yumm..I'm coming over!!

The bathroom is amazing!
Glad the Christmas market went well.♥

Joan said...

Ohhh ... how yummy...I am on my way too - snow and all ... I wish. Your bathroom looks really cool. I wish I had a Vince here :)

Helen said...

very yummy!!! Only one thing you forgot to do - call me and tell me what time to be there!!!!

Pizza, soup, challah are great!!!!

Love the bathroom - VERY nice! Tub is almost big enough to be a swimming pool (what time shall I bring my suit?)

And am glad that the Christmas Market went well!!!

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