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Monday, October 18, 2010

Design Wall Monday

It's Monday again.  And there are mixed blessings here.  I've been working on things, but I can't show them because they're part of a swap.  When they arrive at their new home, I can put a pic here.  One will have to wait until November, though.  I will be working on things this week, but I don't know for sure yet what they'll be except that they'll be practice pieces for my quilting of Mom's quilt:  Feathers and wreaths and posies.  Loads of FMQ.  WoooHooo!  I love it!

I'm also stuck in a quandry.  It's getting close to Christmas and usually several mystery quilts appear on the net for willing participants like me.  Usually I partake of at least one, but this year I'm stacked full of things to do.  Also, my friend Joanne is hosting a quilt along that I'm itching to get involved in.  I've got a quilt with alternate blocks that need to be made.  I was thinking the blocks she's making might work there.  I have to work out measurements and make sure it's what I want in that specific quilt.  I'll probably try a couple sample blocks to see if it works.  So, her quilt along is thrown into the mystery quilt controversy.  To mystery or not to mystery. 

The best I can do for today is to show you some new gadgets I picked up.  There are French curls, used to make those wonderful curves in FMQ wholecloths.  I also found a great gizmo that bends any way you want it and holds its shape.  It's quite sturdy.  You also see some plain shapes that will look so much better if they actually are what they're supposed to be on the wholecloth instead of what my freehand contorts them into.

And, speaking of FMQ, go take a peek at Joan's!  Wow, huh?

Hope your week is eventful, fun and, above all, fulfilling.



Diane said...

I always find too many quilt alongs and BOM's that I want to do-at any time of the year. I promised myself that next year I will be much more careful about choosing. (yah, right!)

Joanne said...

Great FMQ! The gadgets look handy.

Quilter Kathy said...

I am going through the same dilemma with the mystery quilts decision. I love mystery quilts, but only have a certain amount of quilting time...too much fun out there!

Vicki H. said...

I have never done a mystery quilt because, it is a mystery!! I need to find these little gadgets.

Nina Marie said...

Wow - always have to set your priorities as far as projects go - isn't it a pain?! The blue cool bendy thing is what we called a french curve in drafting class. It was so much fun to take out all my drafting things to use for quilt designs!

Joan said...

Hey - its great to see you FMQ again...and the gadgets...I need one with the triangles and small squares tooooo. Go on!!! Join the mystery :)

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