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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Amish table topper and Library group

Well, my teen Library group is finished.  However, due to overwhelming pleading, I've opened a blog for them to post their works and responses to the occasional prompt.  Go take a look at it.  Not many of the group have signed up yet, but they're starting to.  Great group, loads of fun.  Talent?  Oh yeah!  Tons of talent. 

I've been really busy getting ready for the REALIA 2010 conference.  Plus, they changed my job at work, so I'm on a whole new learning curve.

Still, I managed to get some sewing time this week.  Finished my ever so lovely Amish Table Topper.  I don't know if you can tell from the pic, but the flower blocks are raised a bit.  Love it!  And remember how Vince didn't like it in the beginning?  He's just smiles at it.  Occasionally pats it. 

I also made a darling quilted postcard, but I can't show it because it's for a LibQuilters' swap.  I'll show it after my partner gets it.  Whoever she/he may be.

Gotta run!  Seems like that's all I do these days!  Looking forward to slowing down again.  Wait, when is that supposed to be?

Wait, is that a cat with two tails I see?


Joanne said...

The Amish table topper turned out beautifully!!!

Sandra Henderson said...

GREAT WORK!~all around...

Helen said...

I love it! Just absolutely lovely!

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