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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Top Finished

It's a warm (70 degrees!) sunny day here.  The snow is melting, the grass is greening and the tree tips are turning red.  This makes for two happy boys.  They're actually porch trained and "never" get off the deck.  Occasionally one gets excited about a taunting nearby bird and forgets he isn't supposed to leave the deck, but as soon as he remembers, he'll jump right back up. 

The funniest thing I ever saw was one warm day a couple years ago and I opened the door for them for the first time that spring.  Jake spotted a bird and took off like a shot, forgetting the rules.  He dove over the side of the deck into four feet of snow, shot straight up like he was climbing a rope made of air.  I swear, if he could have turned inside out, he would have.  Anyway, he spun around in mid-air, bolted back for the deck.  However, he misjudged and went head first into the side of the deck with a pitiful howl.

Now, picture me: barefoot in the snow scrambling frantically after my poor baby in that four foot snow, trying to catch him before he goes around the front of the house where we have a busy road.  Throw in my DH, who is trying desparately to corral the other boy before he gets the idea to join his brother.

Somehow Jake figured out where to go and bolted back onto the deck and into the house followed desperately by me and my frozen feet.  We slammed the door shut and that was the end of "forgetting the rules" for Jake for quite awhile.

So far this spring there has been only one brief incursion by Elwood.  He crept down the stairs, whiskers twitching and panting open-mouthed at a bird that had to be 100 feet away (but it was on the ground so that's closer than in the air).  By the end of summer they won't even batt an eye at a bird that far away, but it was darned exciting for today.

I got some books in the mail today.  They all look good.  I haven't had time to peruse them too closely yet.  The two Gaudynski books were because I couldn't decide which I wanted.  My mom will no doubt take the other one off my hands. 

Yard sale season is coming, so I picked up that nifty book on collecting quilts.  It's full of tips for appraising the age of quilts.  I can't wait to get started.  It even has a brief repair section.

I finished the top for my Lib Amish quilt today. 
It was a lot of fun to make.  I have bits and pieces left over (and lots of HSTs), so I may make another.  What do you think of it?

I've started working on my Palindrome story, making it into a short story for my anthology, but that will extend into a novel later.  It's a good story and I've got plenty of ideas.



Joanne said...

Love the liberated Amish quilt. The words are fantastic.

Helen said...

roflol! Daughter - you know me too well! Funniest part is that when I was reading this somehow my brain had NOT connected in yet - and I actually felt pangs of jealousy for that mom who would take the other book. Then I realized that I WAS that mom! Geesh!

Your letters - and the whole Amish quilt look awesome!!! Love it!

Joan said...

Wendy - a gal after my own heart. I bought both od Diane Gaudynski's books too...and then Karen McTavish's and my Jinny Beyer block book arrived in the mail today. I too am practising daily ♥
There really is never enought hours in a day is there?

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