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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Prairie Children Redo

I wasn't really happy with one corner of my Prairie Children piece, so I spent a couple hours staring at it, cutting that corner out, staring at it, piecing in something, staring at it, tearing out what I'd just put in, piecing in a new section, staring at it and deciding it's good to go.  Tomorrow, I'll sandwich it and begin quilting.

Before I began the above, I made two blocks for the Pinwheel Party.  I'm not sure why I missed block 6, but I just now discovered it, clever that I am.  Anyway, I made blocks 6 and 9 today.  Only 4 more weeks!

I also rearranged the blocks for this one.  This is the final layout other than minor tweeks.  As I've said before, this layout is on the slanted ceiling of The Loft, and I had to lie down to take this pic.

It snowed last night.  I'm a bit grouchy about that.

French class tonight. 

No writing today, I was too excited about working on Prairie Children.  Probably, I'll write tomorrow.

Till tomorrow!

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Joanne said...

I love the little houses with the pinwheels!

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