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Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Quilt Shop

Found this nifty little quilt shop just outside Presque Isle today.  It's called Garden Gate Fabrics.  Super place.  Vince was quite content to let me putter around and chat up the owner.  He drew the line at having his picture taken.  But, when he wasn't looking ...

He's looking at a bunch of Laurel Burch fabrics.  Yummm!!!  That's them on the middle shelf, center.

Lots of fabrics here.  Lots of patterns and threads, too. 

I managed to escape with only 3 yards and 2 spools.  And I counted myself lucky.  Of course, Vince was just urging me on.  I'm not sure what he thinks.  I'm pretty sure what I have already will last longer than I will.

Breathe Writers' Group went well.  My kids story is ready to send out to publishers.



Joanne said...

Lucky you to have found that quilt shop!!
I am glad that your writers group went well.

Joan said...

Great looking shop - would be hard to sort out what you want with all those fabrics just sitting there begging to go home with you

u-woman said...

Oh it looks so lovely, I wish I had a quilt shop like that around here! Lucky you! :)

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