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Thursday, April 29, 2010


EQ7 is getting ready to come out.  I can't wait!  Everything I've read says EQ7 is the best there is.  You can actually load pictures of your own quilt into it and use that to try out changes.  There's plenty of places taking advanced orders, but HERE is one place that's giving a copy away.  Not just one copy either, but two:  one for you and one to give away.  So get over there and get registered.

Meanwhile, Judy Laquidara is taking a poll for a mystery quilt.  Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE mysteries.  Looks like I've finished some UFOs just so I can stock up again.  Anyway, this mystery will start late May or June.  Plenty enough time to finish a couple more UFOs. 

Come on!  You know you want to!



Joanne said...

Thanks for the news!

Joan said...

Great news - I think! I will have to master EQ6 first I think...Mmmm thinking :)

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