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Monday, February 1, 2010

Started Cutting

I started cutting strips for my Liberated Amish Challenge today. I had to keep telling myself to use light colors and not quite as many darks. I'm still not sure what exactly I'm doing. More and more, I find myself thinking of the Ocean Waves framed on one side by another design. Plus my big blocks, or using the big blocks in the frame. So many decisions! What's a girl to do?

I also finished two of the pillow shams that match Karen's Tennessee quilt.  One more and it's into the mail!!!!  I'm so excited to finish this project. 

I've been working hard to get my poems and shorts ready for the new book Breathe is putting together, but I've also been thinking on Moene Rising.  I think I'll put lots of Ket in there.  I mean, her own chapters.  Maybe 1/3 of the book can be hers.  I mean, why not?  She's a very integral part of the whole storyline and Moene's in love with her.  I've polished the first 3 or 5 chapters and have been working on the last 3.  Almost done there and then I'll sink my teeth into the middle rewrite.  Still not a peep from the publisher about Spinning the Tides.  I've picked out a couple other publishers to send it to.  Sigh, so much to do and so little time!  Too bad we have to stop to eat and sleep! 

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