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Saturday, February 27, 2010

I love the postman!

No seriously!  Ever since I was a child, I have been madly in love with the postman, any postman as long as he was MINE.  Feels a little odd when it's a woman, but okay.  Same applies to the Fed-Ex, UPS and other assorted delivery drivers.  I know I'm not alone in this either.  Everywhere I go I hear women talk about their feelings for the fellow that brings them things to their door.  Sigh.  Look what he brought me today:

First up, we have three books:  Make a Medallion by Kathy Cook, Projects for Blocks and Borders by Marsha McCloskey and A Quilter's Ark by Margaret Rolfe.  Love all three.  Though, I'm having trouble finding room for them anymore.  Expect to see more Medallion Quilts here.

Second, in the upper right hand corner, we have two DVDs and a package of "cheater needles" from Leah Day.  Seriously folks, go check out her site.  The things she knows about quilting are amazing.  Tons of tips and practical pointers there.  Plus, she's a super nice person!

Lastly, but not leastly, I received my squishy from Sharon!  Look at all the lovely hand-dyes I won!  I'm soooo excited!  I keep finding patterns to use them in.  I'll say, "This one.  This is it."  and then, a few hours (or pages) later, I'll say, "No!  This one!  This is the pattern I'm going to use."  Though, I really and truly do think I found the pattern I will use, and  Sharon, it's not the one I sent you a pic of.  The only thing that may make me not use it is that it's currently past my skill level.  I'll certainly practice it with scrap fabric before I try it with the hand-dyes, but it still may be beyond me.  Would you like to see it?  I thought so! 

This is called "Firefly" and is designed by Valori Wells.  I think those hand-dyes would be just peachy as the spikey lights.  I actually have a fab that would work as the flowers:  Purples, blues and greens.  Looking at it now, while sitting calmly behind my monitor, the pattern kinda scares me.  But the ol' Wendy motto is "Just jump in.  You'll either swim or die trying."  Comforting, isn't it?
Today was a Breathe, the writers' group, meeting.  We're beginning the long slow process of putting a book together.  At this meeting we traded packets of what works each of us would like in the book.  There are no vetoes in this process.  This trading of packets is merely to give us another chance to smooth out our work.  We have two weeks to go through the packet we brought home and then at the next meeting we give them back.  The author takes them home, mulls over the suggestions, and makes threats to us over the phone.  Just kidding.  We all know we're free to accept or reject any suggestions with no injured feelings.  It's a good group, the best I've ever had chance to attend. 

Nothing else new, except USA is playing Canada for the gold tomorrow.  I feel torn.  I'm American, but Canada has graciously adopted me.  So, I'll root for whoever has the puck while they have it.  Of course, I love both goalies.  What's a girl to do?



Joanne said...

Looks like you will be doing some neat machine quilting. Can't wait to see. Leah Day's blog is great.
Lucky you!! The hand dyes look fantastic!

Clare said...

I forgot you'd won Sharon's give-away. Lucky you!

Keep having fun.

Moosters said...

I love that Firefly pattern. Just gorgeous!

Thanks for Visiting! Come Back Soon!

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