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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas to me!

I hope your Christmas was wonderful!  Mine was ... eventful.  Christmas Eve, my last new machine locked up so tight I had to take it apart to get the quilt out.  Didn't damage the quilt, thankfully, but after the third time, the machine could be found in a box by the front door. 

Enter the next machine:  Janome 423S.  I REALLY wanted a Bernina, but considering the nearest Bernina is supposed to be on a distant island (Newfoundland), I opted for a Janome from the dealer in town.  It's not a fancy model.  Has maybe a dozen stitches.  Some of the features on the last one are missing on this one, and I didn't realize how much I'd really liked them until I got this one.  But ... at this stage of the game, dressed down is fine.

The last few days of my previous machine, I found that when I sewed in reverse, it arced away from a straight line.  Made me suspicious about it's forward march, you know?  I've been wondering how come my blocks always end up crooked.

This one is straight no matter which way I go.  Very cool, that.  Christmas day found me playing (of course).  And look, it didn't come out crooked!!! 

Then, today, the day after Christmas, while visiting my MIL, I was given a 1955 Dressmaster, complete with original bill of sale, cabinet and all the parts. 

This is her.  Dig that funky wall paper behind it?  That's in my spare bedroom.  Ensures my guests don't over stay their visit, know what I mean?

Anyway, I think she looks groovy in front of that paper.  She's a nifty machine, but I'd like to know more about her.  I can't find much on the web.  Anyone have any info?


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Marj said...

Looks like you had a good holiday, even with machine trouble. The one that your MIL gave you is beautiful, it seems to be the same era as the singer featherweight. I think that you should be able to google the brand and find some info on the internet. It will be interesting to see what you find out about it. Happy Quilting!

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