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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Season of Baby Quilts

It seems I just can't stop making baby quilts.  I make one and then get the idea for another one or two.  And they're so small and go so quickly, I think, "Why not?"  And I make it.  Besides, who knows when I'll need one in a hurry, right?

Here's another recently made.  It still needs to be quilted.  This one may be for a gal who's baby won't cooperate so they can tell gender.  I have it pinned to a temporary design wall (flannel sheet), while my almost completed Pieces of Time BOM occupies the main design wall.

And speaking of non-gendered quilts, here's what I finally settled on for my brother's upcoming baby.  Even with the requested colors!  To be quilted, soon.

Meanwhile, I've been working on this one, row-by-row, as a leader ender project.  Cute huh?  Don't have any plans for this one yet.  What I'm hoping is that the gal who's baby won't cooperate with decide to let us know what gender it will be and I'll be able to give either this quilt or that lovely little purple dresden quilt to her.

And I still have plenty of plans for more.



Helen said...

Wendy - they are all so cute! You are a very talented lady and I'm proud to be your mom!

Raewyn said...

Oh I agree, these are all so cute - amazing variety of them all too! You'll have the perfect baby quilt for any situation!

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