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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mini Dresdens Done!

Look at this cute cute cute baby quilt.  I originally intended it for my brother's baby, but they don't want anything gender specific.  And this is sooooo obviously a girly quilt.  So, I have two friend who are having babies this year as well.  This will probably go to one of them.

I just outlined the block and did a meander/stipple in the string blocks behind the Dresdens.  Look how they pop!  I also did the meander/stipple in the string border.  Then I ran feathers in the purple and outer borders (running right over the top of the yellow).

Yep.  It's too bad about my brother, but we have to obey their wishes, don't we?  I wonder who the lucky baby will be who will get this one.


Raewyn said...

Wendy, it's beautiful!! I say this is your brother's loss and someone else's gain, for sure!! Congratulations on the finish :-)

Joan said...

Just lovely Wendy - Someones baby will be so lucky! It looks really good congrats for the finish...catch up soon.

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