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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fourteen in (20)14

This is a picture of my oldest flimsy.  I've just never quite known what to do with it.  Now, I'm sick of it hanging out and just want it done, no matter what it's done as.  Remember, finished is better than perfect.  Bonnie K. Hunter taught me that.  I can always remake it if a spark of idea comes to me after I've finished this one.

I've seen this movement across blogland.  You're supposed to list 14 quilts/crafts to make/finish in 2014.  And actually accomplish them.  They may or may not be accomplished in the order listed.  Here's mine:

1)  Finish quilting Mom's Log Cabin
2)  Quilt Hop to It
3)  Quilt Blue with diamonds
4)  Finish and Quilt Red diamonds
5)  Quilt Disapearing 9-patch
6)  Quilt Satin Twin
7)  Quilt Threadhead QAL
8)  Quilt Celtic Solstice
9)  Quilt Dresden Wall Hanging
10) Quilt Spanish Steps
11)  Quilt Pineapple
12)  Quilt Elemental
13)  Finish and Quilt Pieces of Time BOM
14)  Finish and Quilt Joy BOM

I actually have a couple others I'll probably work on piecing this year, too.  But, these are priority.  Some will go quickly and some are small projects (which may or may not go quickly).

I think I have some batting and thread to buy.

What's your list?



Kitchener Quilter said...

The flimsy looks pretty good just the way it is now. You could just trim the sides to square it up, and quilt it the way it is, if it's big enough. I like your 14 in '14 list, might just make one myself.

Raewyn said...

You didn't actually say what year the flimsy is from...that would have been really interesting!!! I like that concept of 14...once I get through the nest few weeks of shop stuff I'll have to give the whole goal thing a bit of a run!

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