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Monday, January 27, 2014

Tying Up 2013

I've been in a tussle with blogger and the browsers I use.  Explorer won't let me post things.  Google Chrome doesn't update my blog list until sometimes days later.  I've been trying to work out these kinks, but have had no success.  I can't get my blog like I want it.  Frustration made me give up for awhile.

So, it's stuck like this until I can get something better.  I'll post in Google Chrome, but read in Explorer.  Meanwhile, the format stays the same.  Sorry.

I kept quilting, tho.  Here's a pics of a few projects I've worked on toward the end of 2013:

A small pineapple quilt.  I worry that it might be too ... scrappy or bright for a baby quilt?  That blue sashing is actually a bright teal.

Spanish steps top is (finally) done.

Satin twin top.

Of course, Bonnie's latest mystery.  I only have the borders left for the top to be completed.

My first Dresden plate.  It's a wall hanging and I'll be putting buttons in the centers and some fancy FMQ around them.

My current BOM with the 4 Corners Squilters Group.  The blank square was put up so I wouldn't lose it.

And, I've been working on Mom's quilt, too.  This is part of the central design.  There are four of these.

I sold the Mountains Majesties quilt.  Also the blue Crazy Quilt.  Had to get them finished for Christmas.

Also for Christmas, my writers' group put out a new book.  Click on the photo for more info:

And last but not least, I've been dealing with some health issues that currently have me out of work, but unable to do much at home.

Keep sewing, keep quilting, keep FMQing.  No matter what.



Ramona said...

Your pineapple baby quilt is just wonderful. I love the bright colors. And your Spanish steps quilt is so cool with the shadowing. Lots of nice projects.

Raewyn said...

We haven't seen you much but you have been busy!! I think the pineapple will be great for a baby quilt - not too bright at all!! It looks like you have a good little pile of quilting to do now - and what you've done on your Mum's quilt is beautiful!!

Candace said...

I think your pineapple baby quilt is fabulous! I love your sampler blocks too.

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