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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Who doesn’t love home remodelling?

Well, okay.  I’ll amend that to add “once it’s done”.  Today, Vince finished the window frame and facing in our bathroom.  He made the bottom frame big enough for a plant or two.


It’s my job now, to putty the nail holes, scrape and clean the window and stain the wood.  Vince is trying to convince me to quilt some curtains.  Do any of you have quilted curtains?

My other bathroom plant, the momma of the one pictured in the window above, is waiting for the cabinet Vince is starting tomorrow.  I think it needs to be a TALL cabinet.  Don’t you?




Raewyn said...

How are you going with your putty job - and the quilted curtains?! I hope the Mamma plant has a cabinet to live on now? Then you can get back to thinking about some quilting (or writing).

Michele Bilyeu said...

I'm a home builder's wife. If he was a shoe maker, I'd be the one with holes in her shoes. Need I say more?

It's looking great! Grin and bear it..it's going to be wonderful and if you're not thinking of divorce yet..you're doing amazingly well!!! Such fun quilts and quilting projects. Love how you can do anything woman..including putting nail holes ;)

Michele Bilyeu said...

So, I'm a home builder's wife who misspelled puttying. I also majored in English. Obviously the Universe loves to use me as an example to all ;)

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