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Friday, October 26, 2012

Jennifer Chiaverini's New Book & A Giveaway!

“Why do you give?”  asks Master Quilter, Sylvia to kick off the Elm Tree Quilters’ annual Quiltsgiving.  The answers are sobering, amusing and breathtaking all at once.  As the story unfolds, we see, not only these answers in practice, but the past lives of several of the quilters and how giving has changed them and is giving back to them.
From the beginning, Chiaverini’s book held my interest.  I followed easily from one scene to the next.  What I expected was a heartwarming tale.  What I didn’t expect was the emotional connection I felt with these women.    Several times, I was touched to the point of tears.  I actually had to stop reading this book at my work place.  Still, it took me no time to finish the book because of Chiaverini’s easy style.

This is a fantastic book, folks.  Truly one of her best.
Here’s the blurb from the website:

At Elm Creek Manor, the week after Thanksgiving is "Quiltsgiving," a time to commence a season of generosity. From near and far, quilters and aspiring quilters—a librarian, a teacher, a college student, and a quilt shop clerk among them—gather for a special winter session of quilt camp to make quilts for Project Linus.

Each quilter, ever mindful that many of her neighbors, friends, and family members are struggling through difficult times, uses her creative gifts to alleviate their collective burden. As the week unfolds, the quilters respond to Sylvia's provocative question in ways as varied as the life experiences that drew them to Elm Creek Manor. Love and comfort are sewn into the warm, bright, beautiful quilts they stitch, and their stories collectively consider the strength of human connection, and its rich rewards.

Featuring not only well-loved characters but intriguing newcomers, The Giving Quilt will remind us all: Giving from the heart blesses the giver as much as the recipient, and while giving may not always be easy, it is always worthwhile.

To read the first chapter, click here.

The book releases to the public on October 30th.  To win your free copy, 1) you must be a follower (let me know in the comment) and 2) you must answer Sylvia’s question in the same comment:  Why do you give?  You must do both things to be entered in the contest. 
That’s it, that’s all.  Everyone gets an equal opportunity to win.  You have until midnight on the 29th.  I’ll draw the winner by Random Number Generator on the 30th.

Good luck. 


Quilting Babcia said...

I'm a quite recent follower. Why do we give - because a quilt is a legacy, for a child or grandchild to remember the special person who loved them enough to make a hug that can warm them beyond the miles and last beyond the life of the maker.
We give not only quilts but of ourselves to others not as close to us for similar reasons - to show love and compassion, to let the recipient(s) know they are not alone in their pain, their joy, or whatever situation has befallen them. A quilt is a message of love.

Joan and Kevin said...

I am a follower! I love to give quilts because it gives the recipient joy when they receive the quilt. They do not quilt and they now how much love goes into the quilt when I make them. Thanks for the giveaway!

Raewyn said...

I was pleased to see that there was another Elm Creek book out and how cool that you have a copy to give away. Yes I am a follower!! Why do I give - it's so nice to bring happiness to other people - I prefer to give the gifts that are thought out and made (preferably) with the recipient in mind. Thanks for the chance to win - I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

Kathy said...

I give because it is the right thing to do and it makes me feel good.

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