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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Off to Massachussetts

Here's an image that shows you the kind of summer we've had up here in upper New Brunswick, Canada.

This was taken in July.  I believe it's a mustard field.  While it's turned brisk at night now, the days are still warm and sun-soaked.  I'm happy for it, too; the last couple summers here have been rainy and cool.  I'm a sun worshipper by nature.

I'm off to the great state of Massachussetts for my brother's wedding. In my mind, he's only 21 or 22, tall, skinny and geeky. Reality: 30, decently muscled, tall and geeky (still). I can say that last because he's my little brother. Not much he can do about that, is there?  He's stuck.

I'll be taking my writing and my Hop to It blocks to work on. Maybe I'll actually get some hand sewing done. I notice something has shifted inside me, once again. Writing has returned to being the priority in my life. Quilting comes a close second. Hubby is, of course, a constant and doesn't enter this competition. Without him, it's all down the drain.

What it means is that I spend the first hour or two (or three) of every day writing.  Then, I quilt.  All the rest of the day, if I can get away with it.  Writing comes first, when my mind is quiet. 

Meantime, I'm anxiously awaiting Joanne's quilt along. I feel like a wild dog chewing at the tethers waiting for this thing. I've been doing nothing but FMQ for awhile now and I'm soooooo anxious to get back to piecing.

You should join us! Her quilt alongs are usually easy and quite fun.

What have you been FMQing lately?



Clare said...

Have a great time!

Raewyn said...

Hey, I missed this post! Hope you're enjoying your writing. I'm looking forward to the quiltalong too.

Thanks for Visiting! Come Back Soon!

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