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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lots of Travel Pictures

I've been working hard on my brother's wedding present.  I can't show you.  No, not even if you beg.  He DOES read this blog (albeit, it's usually at my mother's request).  I've shown bits and snatches before, but I'll show the whole thing in September. 

I also have been to a conference in South Dakota.  It was the REALIA 2012 conference.  Met up with some great friends, made some new ones.  The conference lasted three days.  On the fourth day, we began a tour of the sites of the state:

Sioux Falls

Spirit Mound outside Vermillion

Quilts in a Native Sioux Museum

Wounded Knee Massacre site.  The grassy area is the mass grave.

Didn't get to stop at any quilt shops, but drove past this one.

Mammoth Dig site.  Over 60+ skeletons found so far and hundreds more below.  Funny thing ... they're all male!

Custer National Park.  This first guy was solo.

Baby buffalo with his herd

Crazy Horse Monument.  You can't see them, but there are people standing right in front of the face.  That's how big it is.  The second pic is what it'll look like finished.

"Quilts" in native costumes.

Black Hills

Some of the roads went through tunnels so narrow, there was barely room for a vehicle.

The Needles.

Cathedral Spires

The Four Guys:  Mount Rushmore.  Been waiting my whole life to see them.

Devil's Tower and climbers.

The Badlands

Quilty type pics from the air.  Lovely green batiks in block patterns.

All this in just three days.  We stayed at each place as long or as short as we wanted.  Just about the only thing we didn't see was sleep.  Catching up on that now.


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Raewyn said...

Wow, great photos - very interesting to see them all. You must have come home exhausted after that! I'll look forward to seeing your brother's wedding present....

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