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Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Hard Drive

Shortly after my last post, my computer died.  It's the computer I do all my blog posting from.  It's a pain to try to blog from my laptop.  Really.  Just trust me on that.  The desktop (the dead one) also had all my quilt photos on it. 

Gone.  All gone.

Ah well.  I'm sure they're somewhere on the blog here.  And the few that aren't (from way back in the beginning) will be on Facebook.

Anyway, that's what happened.  I have a new hard drive now.  It's waaaaay empty.  I'll have to work hard to fill it.

The cool thing is the amount of extra time that's suddenly available to do other things, like quilt and write.  I quilted the Delectable Mountains quilt at the top of this post.  I fused the flowers and butterflies on this quilt.  Do you remember it?  The original is from Katharine Guerrier's book, Scrap Quilt Sensation.  I haven't stitched around the edges of the applique yet.  That's another day in the not too distant future.

I also finished my brother's wedding quilt.  It's an Anita's Arrowhead design with nifty corner blocks on a border.  I'd love to show you the whole thing, but I want it to have some surprise left for him when he opens the present.  He actually does occaionally read my blog.

I've been writing quite a bit, too.  Working hard on my story, Frozen Fire.    Hoping to have it done by the end of the year.

See?  Who says having a broken computer is a bad thing?



Joan said...

Sad to hear about losing all you photos, but you have been doing heaps of work and will soon have the next hard drive filling up. Your quilts are terrific.

Raewyn said...

That is a shame about your photos - pleased you are up and running again and isn't it just as well we have blogger,etc, for a back up! It's hard to balance the time between being active in blogland and active on the home front! You have been busy with your quilts - and they look good - looking forward to seeing more of your brother's quilt.

Helen said...

Wendy - love the quilts and KNOW your brother will really love their wedding quilt!!!! You are one talented lady and I'm proud to be your ma! (Of course, I'm proud to be your ma anyway - just that now I'm proud-er! Awwww - you know what I mean!!!!)

BTW - WHO thinks up the garbage we're supposed to type to prove we aren't robots??!!!!! Signed, Mom - aka Robby the robot!

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