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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Well, let’s see.  First off, I finished my Mom’s quilt. 



My mom loves feathers and I wanted to do some long feathers in the center star.  I chose a variegated thread that makes it look a bit like filigree.  The background I quilted using a pale, pale orange to disappear amid all the pale orange design elements.  I looked for places to surprise the viewer, like tiny circles around the center of some of the wreaths.  The thread of the feathers kinda disappeared in the big borders, but the little lilac border, I left plain, so as to frame the star like a picture frame.

I also quilted Reflecting Pool, my Liberated Round Robin quilt.



I quilted round circles on this, 1) to make it more like a pool with ripples and, 2) to break the geometric lines and give it some shimmer (like a pool of water).

Then, I finished Joanne’s Mini Mystery quilt.


I did all outline and ditch quilting and that’s all on this little beauty because I wanted an old-fashioned, country feel to it (even with the fused flowers).  And I just now finished putting on the binding.  This project was loads of fun and the tiny blocks are so cute.  Thanx Joanne for hosting this!

On another note, I have an agent very excited to read one of my manuscripts.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!



Raewyn said...

Fingers and toes crossed for you Wendy ;-)
Just love what you did on your Mum's quilt - love all the little surprises - she will be rapt!! The ripples are effective on your liberated piece. Love Joanne's sampler too - you've been very busy!

Helen said...

Mom IS rapt!!! AND so are all the folks at the post office - both those who work there and those who were in line (I couldn't wait to see it!), as well as all the folks at Southampton Quilts - both those who work there as well as the customers! But NONE are as excited and happy as I am!!!! It is just gorgeous - and pix definitely do NOT do it justice! Wendy totally outdid herself!

Wendy - also - am crossing fingers, eyes, toes - whatever I can re the agent reading your manuscripts! You are a multi=talented lady - and I'm proud to be your mom!

Joanne said...

All your finishes look fabulous!!
Sorry I missed you today.

What Comes Next? said...

beautiful quilting! I love how you've done both of these quilts, and nice job on Joanne's little QAL. Good luck with your manuscript! That is exciting!

Blogger said...
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