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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Quilt on my Bed

… is Tobacco Road by Bonnie Hunter.  Of course, held down by Jake and Elwood.


I finished the baby blanket and sent them off to their new home.  Waiting for reviews on that.  I think I'll call it Magic Marker.  It kinda looks like that, don't you think?


The snow is melted and we grilled today.  Can’t ask for better.



Joanne said...

The quilt on your bed is fabulous!!! Good thing your boys are helping.
The baby quilt is great - you picked a good name. The feather border is beautiful!

Sue Daurio said...

LOVE the quilt on your bed. I'd want to nap all the time if it were on mine :)

Helen said...

Love the Tobacco Road quilt - and the Magic Marker baby quilt is absolutely adorable!!!!

Love both the feathers - and the little flowers/posies!!! Very cute!

Way to Go, Wendy!!!!

Quilter Kathy said...

Thanks a lovely version of Tobacco Road and looks great on your bed!
The quilting on the baby quilt is awesome!

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