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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feathers and Stars

They just go together, don’t they?  Like milk and cookies or hockey and pizza. 


See what I mean?

This is my mom’s quilt, a carpenter’s star.  When we drew the plans for quilting this beauty, she told me that she loves feathers and wants them everywhere.  Here are more that I added today. 


Guess what I’m adding next.  Yup, more feathers.  Like I said, she loves them.

Did you FMQ today?



Marj said...

Your feathers are looking great! I'm with your Mom I just love feathers too. Guess I will have to start practicing. I am taking a class in June on quilting feathers, so until then I'll practice drawing them.

Joanne said...

All the feathers are fabulous!
Pizza and hockey...

Raewyn said...

A great combination and looking really good. (I think the NZ equivalent would be Rugby and Beer!!)

Tammy said...

Hi Wendy, Your feathers are fabulous! Bravo...well done!

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