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Monday, April 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I'm still working on the Princess Star, but this is one thing that's on my design wall.  After fussing and fussing and not finding the way I want this, I finally settled on making this in an OK design and then getting rid of it.  So, I took the next step and made the initial cut and suddenly ... there it was!  Perfect, just the way I want it.  I'll skip the fabric I was going to put around that and the binding, too.  I'll just turn under the edges here and quilt concentric circles.  This is my Liberated Round Robin.  And now it's just the quilting to do.

Hope your day is filled with surprises, too.



Raewyn said...

Way to go! looking good! - maybe you took the pressure off yourself -and then it just happened!

June D said...

This looks so fabulous - from the way you plan the quilting will be a wonderful finish!

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