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Monday, March 19, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I finished this little quiltlet for AAQI.  That makes two to go now.  I can’t decide if I’ll wait till I have more (you know, maximize my postage) or just sent the two now.  This is made with a gauze overlay on an old Dresden Plate block and applique on top.


I’ve also been working on a star quilt for a princess who loves pinks and purples.  What do you think?


I’d say it definitely fits the bill!  Just two more borders to go and then it’s ready to be quilted.  You may recognize the center star, it’s been sitting on my stairwell forever.  I finally decided it was time to use it.



Candy said...

I really love that one on the old Dresden Plate!!!!!!!!!!!

Sue Daurio said...

Your quiltlet is so cute. Is that your own design? Very creative. And there is going to be one happy princess getting that quilt, just beautiful!

Joanne said...

They are both so beautiful!

Raewyn said...

I love how you have updated the dresden plate...beautiful and fun. And the star quilt is also very lovely and fit for a princess!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I simply love your applique block!!! ♥♥♥

Joan said...

Wonderful Wendy - I love it!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Awesome, Wendy!

Remember you don't have to use a Priority Mailer..a manilla envelope ends up costing much less than half as much.

The Priority Mailers are just so nice and protective feeling as we;; as looking really nice, but the others work fine. I cut up a cereal box for padding if I'm out of bubble wrap for the other.

Your quilting has just grown in leaps and bounds since I first 'met' you online. You super impress me woman!

PS: email the registration number so I can remember to list it and get its photo up on our group pages at AAQI, yahoo, my other blog, etc. etc. ;)

Hugs to you for your continual making of these fabulous quilts!

Helen said...

Wendy - I love them both! The quiltlet is darling! And the little pink and purple princess I know will just love her quilt! Way to go!

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