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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend sewing

I made this cute little table runner for the Thread Head Quilt Along Challenge.  I used two blocks – actually the same block twice – from the challenge, along with the Alhambra blocks and border.  The center block, I received as part of a “Parts Swap” from my LibQuilters’ group.  Can’t wait to get this one finished!  It’s soooo cute.


I finished off this lovely little piece while doing my daily FMQ Challenge practice.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.  Maybe, put it with the other salmony/orange and make a placemat.  Dunno.


The challenge for me with this piece was making the “filler” even.  You can definitely see some parts are more white than others.  And some of the feathers are definitely non-conforming.  But still, it was fun!  I’m not sure what’s on the machine for tonight.  Gotta go see!



Marj said...

the small one could be a nice mug rug. I think that you are doing great with your FMQ challenge.

Joan said...

Thats great Wendy - what size is the block?

Joan said...

Forgot to say - I love your table runner.

Helen said...

Love the runner - AND the small block (what about as either a "mug rg" or as coasters????) I showed Nathan who really likes the runner and thinks the small blocks are "cool"!!!! Well done!


nice blog my fren.
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Joanne said...

The table runner looks great - lots of space for FMQ.
Cute Barbie quilt too.

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