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Sunday, May 22, 2011

BOMs and Round Robins

I've joined the Liberated Round Robin group and am having a blast.  My machine doesn't like to quilt for too many hours (ok, minutes) in a row, so I switch off with piecing quite a bit.  My Round Robin piece started as just a square within a square.  Do you remember it?  I got it from my Lib Swap Partner:  Heidi.

The first round called for triangles, any way you want, including stars or whatever.  I kept mine simple.  I know it doesn't look very liberated right now, but just keep an eye on it.  I have plans.  Muwahahaha!

Hop To ItI'm also getting ready to start this cute little BOM quilt along with Joanne of ThreadHead fame.  Adorable, isn't it?  I'm sorry the pic is so small. When I tried to make it bigger, it lost the resolution.  Click the image to see it on Amazon.  Nice pic there. 

I think I'm going to put one of my kitty boys instead of the rabbit.  Then, I'll put another of the boys in the #7 block instead of that funny leaf thing.  They'll be staring at each other.  This is assuming I'm clever enough to do it. 

 Anyone else want to play?  You'll need to pick up the book, which is pretty inexpensive.  We start June 1. 

Ill leave you with these images from a toy I picked up for the boys.  It's a miniature tent, the kind they use for display in the stores to show off the full sized ones.  They LOVE it.  See how happy Jake is?  Mind you, Elwood, the 'fraidy cat, is a bit suspicious still.

Sew on!


Marj said...

I think that Elwood is waiting for the sleeping bag.lol

Joan said...

Oh Drat! Just ordered the book - as if I will have time ...ever hopeful! It wont be here till June 7th..

Thanks for Visiting! Come Back Soon!

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