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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Echoes Writing Challenge Winner

Well, I've received some wonderful responses to the writing challenge I issued.  To choose a winner, I used an online random number generator.  And the winner is ...

#11 - Andrea Cumming from Leschenault, Western Australia!  She won a $5 discount from our AuthorOne online bookstore.  Congrats Andrea!!!

The FMQ Challenge will be done in a couple days.  Those of you who have completed the 14 day continuous FMQing, let me or Joanne know by leaving a comment.  Two lucky winners will be chosen sometime this week.

For my bits of FMQ over the past (4 - really?) days, I worked a small bit everyday on the Star Table topper.  I finished the last two corners and then put feathers in one of the big wedges.  I still have a bit of background work to do there.  That was three days, actually.  The fourth day, I took a break and fooled around with an old sample I had.  It was one of the first FMQ things I did (you can tell by the funny shaped feather petals).  I wanted to see if I could make something ugly into something decent.  I did okay.  If I go liberated or artsy with the rest of this piece, I think it'll work.  I can also add embellishments to it to hide what ugly is still there.  I liked working with this because it enabled me to see how far I'd come.  Just look at that echoing!!!  I'm not fantastic now, but I'm loads better than that!  I think I'll try some alternate coloring in the echoes to see if I can get that better looking.

As far as my writing, I've been hard at work on the Grand Falls photo book.  I'm happy to report that I think it's finished.  We'll see when the next proof copies come.


Joan said...

Thats fantastic Wendy - Andrea will be delighted to learn this in the morning. Hoping for a good week for her...this may start her off well :)
I like your FMQ .. Looking forward to seeing it when completed .

Joanne said...

Congratulations to Andrea!!
Your FMQ is great - love the stippling you did with the little tear drops!
Can't believe that the challenge is coming to an end!!

GailM. said...

I'm done my FMQ challenge today and I'm just writing my final FQG blogpost now. It'll be posted this evening. Whew, that was a lot of stitching. I'm so impressed with your piece. Now, I can say "I could do that!"

Thanks for issuing the challenge.

Linda said...

I did it! 14 days of FMQ, read about it at http://toadintheholestudio.blogspot.com/2010/06/fmq-challenge.html
It really was a challenge to make sure I did it every day but now I am on a roll and I hope I can keep going.

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