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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The right equipment

People, let me tell you, use the right equipment for the right job.  The picture on the left was yesterday's and Thursday's practice with the old foot.  No wonder I wasn't getting better!  That darned old darning foot!  Bad pun, sorry.  The one on the right is with the new foot.  Yes, I lost track of my seam lines a few times and I'm sewing with coarse thread, but LOOK at the difference!  My "sidewalks" are mostly in control.  My feathers are round.  I even backtracked quite a bit when doing the gridlines.  I'm thrilled, even though it looks sad, because it's such a marked improvement!  Whereas before there wasn't.  I felt as if the old foot wasn't close enough to the fabric and consequently, when the needle picked up, the fabric moved.  Correct equipment means EVERYTHING!

On the other side of the coin, Vince and I went to our writers' group meeting today.  Super meeting.  Really super.  I love those people.  And we saw some spectacular scenery on the way back.  The swamp has gray moss hanging from the trees.  Looks like ghost trees.  The shed is something I've been photographing for years now.  I love it.  The sway is getting deeper tho : (

This is the mtn outside our front door again.  I know it doesn't look like much of a mountain, but in reality, it's the peak.  The whole region we live in is actually up in the mountain range.

And when the weather man said it would be partly sunny with a chance of scattered rain showers, for once he wasn't mistaken (except for the snow we woke up to).



Joanne said...

Fantastic quilting! Amazing difference!♥

Joan said...

That looks so much better Wendy - what was the foot you were using before then and what is the latest foot. I have been actually using my BSR with the large clear plastic foot, and I got heaps better...BUT not able to practise for a bit as designs boards going up, and work and a trip to Perth in a couple of days...I look forward to seeing more of your quilting. Your photogaphy is beautiful..♥

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