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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Perfect Weather for Grilling

48 degrees today!!!  Tomorrow the same.  Just couldn't resist the chance to grill.  Here's Vince doing what he does best.  He's in his snow cleaning coat still!

We had barbequed pork chops.  The first grill of the year always tastes the best, doesn't it?

The boys wondering what got into us.  Elwood was the worried one under the chairs.  He came out eventually.  Jake was a bit more bold and investigated the plants I set out to start growing.

Breathe, the writers' group, met Saturday.  We went over the packets we took home (first step in putting together our second book).  Now we'll have about 6 weeks to make changes, if we want.  We added another new member.  That brings us up to 12 regulars of all talent and genre.  Very exciting!

I pinned the Carolina Christmas quilt to the batting and backing.  I'll pick up thread Tuesday and will begin quilting then.  There's a quilt in Gwen Marston's new book, Liberated Quilting II, that has really caught my interest.  I'd really like to do a combination of pinwheels and stars like this.  As it happens, I have quite a few pinwheels I've done lately.  And since I'm not entirely happy with the quilts they're making into, maybe I'll save them to combine into this quilt.  I have a few other things to finish first, though.

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Joanne said...

Thanks for showing the star quilt. What a great idea to add pinwheels. I like quilts that are made up of different size blocks.

“Old World Goodies” said...

thanks for sharing.....done that a time or too........

Marj said...

I think that all the combined sizes and colors in the blocks make a very interesting quilt.
Sounds like your writer's group is turning out to be a lot of fun and support. Good luck with the new book.

Clare said...

Are you mad! Wouldn't dream of starting to grill until at least May.

I love that quilt too, but what puts me off is the tiny tiny pieces.

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