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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Setup

So here's what I rigged for my machine. I got this first step from Penny, but with the modification of leaving a piece under my machine so the box doesn't walk away.  Then, I put a slider on top.  This slider is teflon coated so it lets the fabric flow across it and makes my stitches actually pretty and not sporadic.  Leah Day recommended it and I heartily endorse it.  She also recommends a teflon bobbin washer, which I also use (it helps the bobbin spin smoothly, not with jerks - what a difference that made!).  She sells both on her web store.  By the way, she also sells a lovely little DVD for beginners that's chock full of hints and tips even for people who have been quilting awhile. 

Here's the whole setup together.  I think I should mention the obvious, that this slider covers the feed dogs.  So you don't really piece with it unless you're wicked clever and can do a 1/4" seam without feed dogs.  I can't.  Yet, I somehow seemed to forget this fact and tried anyway.  Didn't work.  Leah leaves her feed dogs up when she uses this.  I drop mine.  I also remove the box when the slider is off because the fabric doesn't move well across it and the slider doesn't stick to it well.

I also have a deep table behind me and use an ironing board on the side, adjusted to box top height to take the weight of the quilt (as per both Leah and Bonnie Hunter).  Um, that's pretty much the setup. 

I used to quilt one panel at a time, attach the next panel with batting and backing, and quilt that.  Now, I'm quilting the whole 82" x 98" quilt at once, following Leah's DVD.  Easy Peasy.  Er, it would be if the thread cooperated (yes, I was too chicken to try it today) and I didn't have a side-loading bobbin.



Joanne said...

Great ideas! Thanks!
Good luck quilting the large quilt.♥

Sharon said...

Looks like you've developed a good setup for yourself. I tried that slider last time I quilted, and I loved it. It really does help a lot.
I can't believe you're going to quilt a quilt that huge! I only do small pieces anymore - my arthritis and carpal tunnel won't let me. So now I quilt by check!

Clare said...

Thanks for showing. I'm going to try the cardboard box trick soon.

Hope the thread sorts itself out soon.

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