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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Finally Done!

I finally finished the top, borders and all, of my Carolina Christmas (Bonnie's latest mystery).  Every time I thought I was done, I decided to bigger it or change something.  Anyway, it's done.  Now to quilt it with green thread.  You'll have to pardon the ironing board, the odd angle and the sunlight.  I have no wall in my house big enough to show off a quilt this size.  It's 86 x 109. 

I love the corners on this

Almost done with my next art quiltlet, too.


Joanne said...

Congratulations! Always wonderful to finish something. I love the subtle colours (or maybe it's my computer) it looks fantastic. It's so big, are you going to machine quilt it at home?

Helen said...

I love this quilt! It's gorgeous!!!

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