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Monday, March 1, 2010

Block Lotto

So, I just joined Block Lotto.  I'm really excited about this group, especially this month.  I've been watching them for awhile, waiting for the right moment and this month is it!  They're making liberated log cabins!!!  You KNOW how much I like that.  Join up, have fun.  You may even win some blocks for a quilt!

And in the dental news, my dentist had to rebuild the whole tooth.  Two breaks became three pins and a new filling.  Crown coming next month.  Tx for the well wishes!



Cherie Black said...

When I had my wisdom teeth pulled, I was out for a whole week! Of course, I'm a softy... still I can't imagine a crowning.

Wendy said...

Wisdom teeth pulling isn't for the meek. I had mine pulled a few years ago and I think it was worse than any root canal!

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