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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mystery Top Center Finished

Finished the center piece of the Carolina Christmas Mystery yesterday.  Originally, I'd had only two columns of the blue stars, but I think this quilt looks best when wider.  First thing I had to do was throw it on the bed and lay on it.  Is that silly or what?  I'm not necessarily that way with my others, but I love this one soooo much!  I think the back is way cool too, LOL, all those seams!  Elwood also shares my sentiments about laying on it.  It was absolutely YUMMY!  Like lying on a soft field of flowers.

I also started a Kaleidoscope quilt from my left-over strings and uglies.  Though I spent most of the time making panels and cutting them into triangles, I did put together one block to show you.  Um, the pretty corner pieces weren't some of the uglies, but I thought it finished the block nicely.
And here are the boys sunning while I'm working on the novel and some poetry.  Jake is the one on the bicycle seat and Elwood is staring out the window.

We're expecting some fall-out from that big storm that hit DC yesterday.  Good thing there's plenty of hockey on TV and lots of hand sewing for me to do so I can stay awake during the game!

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