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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Plans for 2010

Well, a year's resolutions or plans for the year, whichever you want to call it, are always a good idea.  A lack of deadlines, however, can cause many people to fail.  Also, not putting definites in there can make people fail.  I usually do pretty good at being close.  This year, you can go with me:

For myself:  Not be so tough on me.  To be as compassionate and forgiving with myself as I am with other people.  Some days I just beat myself up mentally.  But, in retrospect (isn't it wonderful when you can say that and you're no longer in the middle of it?), I think it's because I've been in a time of change for the last 5 or so years.  Sucks.  No really, it sucks.

I also want to lose weight, but that's pretty vague, so is "a diet".  How about this:  Since I eat a healthy diet already, I wil quit overeating it.  I will also eat more fruit ... 3x per week.  Last year I vowed to swap most soda for water or watered-down iced tea and to drink at least 4 glasses of that per day.  That worked well.
I also started exercising 3-5x per week.  I'll keep those up.

For my writing:  Finish the final edit of Moene Rising by July 15th.  To be 1/2 (according to chapter count) through final edit of Kissing the Chameleon by the end of the year.  To publish a short story anthology by October 1st.  To send off Friday Night Special for critique by July 15th also.  To publish Breathe, Volume 2 by June 10th.  To find an agent.

For the bookselling business:  Finish listing the boxes of books by the end of May.  This is (hopefully) taking into consideration my wrist condition. 

For my quilts (this has a caveat:  if my wrist can handle it):  Finish Karen's quilt and shams within three weeks.  Make border stars and quilt the blue and beige roman stripe star.  Finish piecing and then quilt the Carolina Christmas quilt.  Make border (stars?) and quilt the crazy quilt.  Finish the two hangings.  Make a ton of quilted potholders.  My hope is to have all these finished by Memorial Day when the Farmers' Market opens so I can sell them (except Karen's) in a booth there.  I want to experiment more in 3-D qulting, too, starting immediately.  I have a couple ideas in mind.

For my photos:   Uh?  They really were just a hobby.  I'll plan a couple small trips this year, just to take photos.

For my cooking:  To try a new recipe at least every other week. 

Oh yeah, I have to find a job, too.  That's a big reason why the push is to finish those quilts quickly, too.

I'm also hoping to badger my doctor into surgery on my wrist.  It's time.

Whew!  I'm exhausted just reading this!!!

So, what are your plans for 2010?

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