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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Writers' Group and Signing

My local writers' group, Breathe, had our meeting yesterday.  We then had a signing right after at a local book store.  Didn't sell much, but we had a good time and people got to know us a bit.  Always good.

We're deep in the preparations for another book.  Our goal is to put one out every year.  We had a lot of fun getting the first one together and I think this one will be fun too.  We already have a great cover image, courtesy of Jessica Mayne (second from the right).  She did the first cover also.

I really have few reserves to call on for this project.  Most of my short works are already published or are earmarked for a specific venue.  I'm not sure what I'll do for this one.  Perhaps all new stuff.  Got to get busy.

In the quilting world, I'm hard at work on the 3rd clue of Carolina Christmas, but I've also started Clue 4.  I had to have something to work on in front of the TV last night.  I tend to use quite a bit of stripe scraps and I like the stripe to trace the diagonal line in the center of the half square triangles, so I usually sew two strips together and cut the triangles from that (so the seam is on the square, but the unit is bias).  Then I have to pull points apart and that's something for the TV.

Still working on the blasted "Going Blind" quilt.  LOL, I've decided that's its official name now.  Tuesday, my quilt group has an online sewing retreat (I'm not quite sure how that works - do we check in every few hours?), so I'm hoping to finish this beast then.  My fingers are crossed!!!

Caught a great photo yesterday.  That's the ravine below our falls.  Oh, I guess I didn't tell you:  We have a waterfall running through the center of town.  It's where we get our name: Grand Falls.  Actually, I guess the town built around the Falls.  This picture was from the parking lot of the quilting shop.  I'll post pictures tomorrow of what I bought! 


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Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Such a fabulous name for a writing group. And your blog..Inky Threads...now, I get it!!! Good for you in all ways!

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